Photos by Matthew Bergman

About ManhattanJS

We are a local meetup that is part of the BoroJS group of meetups in NYC (BrooklynJS, QueensJS, JerseyScript, and Nodebots NYC). We come together on the second Wednesday of every month to learn and connect with other members of the NYC development community.

The event commences at 7pm with technical & passion talks, with various arts & entertainment during intermissions, which include an in house DJ and Battledecks. Admission is $10 and comes with food & beer/wine/soda. All proceeds are donated to Script Ed.

ManhattanJS is organized by Zahra Jabini, Rushaine McBean, Brenda Storer, and Nick Hehr.

Sponsorship Packages

During the event, sponsors have a chance to talk to attendees in a casual setting. Here are some other things you receive with your sponsorship:

We also accept space as sponsorship. If you have a badass office that is conducive to hosting events, and you just can't wait to show it off to the community, reach out! We'd love to talk :-)

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I buy a sponsorship ticket?

You can purchase sponorship tickets through our normal ticketing page. We encourage all potential sponsors to reach out before buying their tickets so we can ensure that sponorship is the best fit for all parties involved. Simply reach out to us at

Will we get to talk to the attendees?

All sponsors are given a 2 minute segment in our intro to talk to attendees. If you would like customized slides during so please provide them before the day of the event. Otherwise, we'll have your logo included in our slides for you to talk in front of. Please get as creative with this as your heart desires.

We also encourage all sponsors to hang around after the talks to mingle with attendees.

In addition to this, we will send a tweet out the week of the event to highlight your attendance.

Where does the sponsorship money go?

After every meetup we donate all remaining money to two amazing organizations: ScriptEd.

How many other sponsors will there be?

Each month we have up to three sponsors, all of who are given equal branding at our events. There are no tiered sponsorship packages.

There are no sponsorships left this month. Can we sponsor next month?

Yes! Send an email to and we'll be happy to get you setup for the next available month.

Contact Us

If you have any additional questions, please reach out to us at