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About ManhattanJS

ManhattanJS is an NYC meetup celebrating everything about JavaScript (and a lot of things that aren't JavaScript, too). We're part of the BoroJS family of meetups in NYC (BrooklynJS, QueensJS, & JerseyScript). We come together on the second Wednesday of every month to learn and connect with other members of the NYC development community.

The event starts at 7pm, featuring both technical & passion talks, with various arts & entertainment during intermissions, including an in-house DJ & Battledecks. The price of your ticket helps cover food, dessert, beer, wine & soda*. All proceeds are donated to ScriptEd.

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Food && Drinks



Round I

Jane Kim

Aori Nevo, PhD

Engineering Manager

Streamlining the local app development setup


Round II

AJ Piano

Justin Falcone

Software Engineer @ Buzzfeed

Almost Programming


Round III

Tim Holman

Jason Laster

Senior Software Engineer @ Mozilla

DevTools just got a DVR!

Closing + Afterparty

Post Event Shenanigans

The Watering Hole
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