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About ManhattanJS

ManhattanJS is an NYC meetup celebrating everything about JavaScript (and a lot of things that aren't JavaScript, too). We're part of the BoroJS family of meetups in NYC (BrooklynJS, QueensJS, & JerseyScript). We come together on the second Wednesday of every month to learn and connect with other members of the NYC development community.

The event starts at 7pm, featuring both technical & passion talks, with various arts & entertainment during intermissions, including an in-house DJ & Battledecks. The price of your ticket helps cover food, dessert, beer, wine & soda*. All proceeds are donated to ScriptEd.

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Food && Drinks



Round I

Tim Holman

Francis Gulotta

VP of Engineering @ Bustle

We live in Memory: How we made λ and GraphQL respond in 70ms


Round II

Una Kravets

Andrey Sitnik

Author of PostCSS and Autoprefixer

What developers can learn from Soviet space program failures


Round III

Audience Member...

Artur Paikin

Lead Designer and Developer, @Uppy / Transloadit

Adventurous Travels on a Budget

Closing + Afterparty

Post Event Shenanigans

The Heights
This month’s ManhattanJS is generously sponsored by:   Linkedin   &   Coinbase